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A dialogue of dreams


Love, the greatest and the best –
the most difficult and most painful
making us weep from the deep.
And which we cannot live without.
Mons Leidvin Takle

Warm hands
A friend
with warm hands
showing new sands
where you can walk
and feel the winds
like the sound
of a voice you love:
It is worth the fight
new days
new light
Traces in the sand
where you wander
warm hands
changing all things

Mons Leidvin Takle

    Snug in your arms
A small warm body – you can only just walk.
In your first shoes you toddle to your mother, clutching her.

”Look at me, mother” your eyes are saying, ”I’m here!”
But she does not see you.

You eat your fill -
You sleep in a bed that is warm, and you wake
not knowing what love is.

You never knew the haven of those arms.
But there is someone who needs to be in your arms -
And then you will know that love exists.

Mons Leidvin Takle

Dialogue of dreams
You need not dream your dreams again
Those dreams that were torn apart

Do not butt against the past
Turn to the rainbow
Let your eyes embrace the stars

Turn your eyes to the future
Let the spirit guide you to open fields
where there is no place for broken dreams
where roses and blossoming trees
bear forth new dreams that are are your own

Mons Leidvin Takle

My hand travels your length and opens the door to the quiet in me.
A gleam from the fire reveals the most beautiful sight of all.
A soul I love, living in your closed eyes,
your warm lips
your gentle hands,
your sensitive breasts.
My lips kiss your open nakedness
while gentle breath from the innermost part of you
caresses my soul and says:
I love you too!

Mons Leidvin Takle

By the side of the cot I look into the eyes of the child.
Busy little hands lie snug in my hands.
It is night and her teddy bear rests against hair that is soft and the colour of mine
While our song wanders softly over her warm bed
two sleepy eyes close the door of day
wandering into the wide and dreamfilled fields of sleep.
I sit with two small sleeping hands in mine and know the meaning of love.

Mons Leidvin Takle

 The sleeping child
A child – asleep in her warm crib with drowsy toys –
Her arms stretched out, like wings.

A parent – asleep with arms across his chest -
like a shield to keep him from life.

Sleep with the child in you -
Let your arms be opened to life;
let them carry you like wings
through a dangerous lovely world.

Mons Leidvin Takle

Dream about today
Dream about today –
It is now you breathe,
Lift up your eyes and see where you are,
Take hold of the day and live out your dreams,
It is now you breathe,
Yes, dream of today!
 Mons Leidvin Takle

 When first we met
With a generous smile you opened your face
and breathed from your soul into my life.
Our eyes met in a sunrise
I hoped would never be caught by the night -
and nothing is the same.

Mons Leidvin Takle

Hope cannot be caught
or measured with reason.

To hope is to choose.
If you choose the moment, life will be yours-
forever yours.

Mons Leidvin Takle

A thousand miles away
We drove to our favourite place by the sea.

I turn to you, I search for your eyes.
Through tears of longing and sadness I see the sun.
Like the warmth from you it caresses my face – a thousand miles away.
Two souls that met, and now must part.

Mons Leidvin Takle

Do not be afraid to weep -
your grief has something to tell you,
it is your friend!

Tears are the language of grief.

Tears water the roots of your wordless sorrow,
your fear,
your loss,
your bitterness and anger.

When you face your feelings, look them in the eye, give them a name,
Then you can talk to them and they to you.

Your tears summon what you have lost and want recalled –
but they can also say farewell -

And you will be ready to go ahead.

Mons Leidvin Takle

Before all things were
Before all things were-
God, are You.
I do not comprehend You
But to choose You
is to paint my heaven
and choose myself.

Mons Leidvin Takle

The child in you
Look at a picture of you as a child – choose a beautiful frame,
look at that child who once was filled with dreams,
who sought love and recognition.

Life brought demands and expectations -
the child adapted, lost his inborn security,
the demands of others became the demands of the child.

You took on you these demands and demanded the child should obey.

Look at this child that once you were,
hold him on your lap, stroke his cheek, be gentle with him.
Restore his first confidence, love and acceptance.
Let the child live according to himself,
not according to your demands and expectations.

What you give this child, you give yourself,
for you are that child –
such a long time after and forever more.

Mons Leidvin Takle

             In front of the mirror
You stand in front of the mirror –
you look into eyes that are yours.
You see a look full of longing for
the need for someone to need you.

You see the wounds from the hopes that broke, and you wonder –
how can it be that two eyes can pour out so many tears?
Your discontent streams towards you yet again:
with yourself,
your appearance,
your moods,
your limitations.

You lift your hand to your face.
Then you see the hands of others, and yourself with others’ hands,
and in the mirror you meet your thoughts:
How could you give tenderness with hands that were not your own?

And you see the lips of others,
tightly closed,
But onle your lips can whisper the words you must say.

Thus you stand before the mirror. Meeting the feelings and thoughts that are yours.
And reluctantly you admit:

To live the life you wish to live,
to say the words you wish to say
to fight for the thoughts in which you believe,
to hand on the feelings to which you belong,
the love that is yours,
then you need yourself and no one else.
For if you are another body,
another mind,
with other feelings,
other hands,

then how can you live the life that is yours?

Mons Leidvin Takle

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